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How do I keep my yoga mat clean!?

Well, at least you know you should.  

Many people don't realise what a germ factory yoga mats are. Think about it - a yoga mat is basically a big flat sponge; they're all porous to some extent and on this sponge we sweat, and it soaks right in.

While our sweat is actually pretty clean, our skin is not.  There are whole colonies of microbes and little germ-y armies living on skin, and our feet are the front line. When that nice, clean sweat washes down our skin, it washes a lot of those nasties off and they land on the yoga mat. Yum.

Add heat and time -  

The bacteria and fungus have boogied down, had a few martinis and copulated big time.


You've got yourself a stinky, funky mess of a yoga mat. 

It isn't just the smell - it's a health risk. Any open cuts on your skin could get infected and remember, bacteria spreads.

Considering we do yoga, jog, bike ride, lift weights and other sweaty daily activities *ahem chasing the kids around ahem* to stay healthy, it makes sense to keep our mats clean and in the best shape possible.

What's the best way to do this?

You should wash your mat occasionally with a gentle detergent and hang it out (preferably in the sun), to dry.

But you probably can't do this every time - Neither can I.

Don't freak! There's a solution and we've got you covered. 

DETOX Yoga Mat Spray is made for the time poor - just spray it on your mat. You don't even need to wipe it, just let it do it's thing and soak in to kill the nasties brewing between the fibres. 

It's specially formulated by an organic chemist and actually works - it's your number one defence against odour causing germs, and it's all natural baby!

The problem with homebrews

Sorry to say, but homebrews are a bad idea.  I know because I tried this myself.  I took my snazzy little home made solution to Dr. Jacob Vromen, one of Australia's early innovators of native Australian plant use and emulsion technology. In other words, an Organic Chemist. I asked him to test it out, and turns out that the PH.D he has really means something.  He explained that essential oils are awesome and wonderful and powerful, but are tricky to handle. Used too concentrated they irritate the skin, use too little they won't do the job and what makes them most complicated is that are super sticky. They're like loners at a party - they don't like to mix. This makes a homebrewing your mat spray unreliable and ineffective - it just doesn't work.

DETOX Yoga Mat does work. It'll not only give you a fresh, clean and sweet smelling mat, but also peace of mind. You know you're working out in a healthy environment and don't have to worry about spreading germs - plus, it semlls damn good.

Problem solved. You're welcome. xo

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