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Website launch!


WyldMyrtle is proud to announce the launch of our beautiful new website, featuring our fabulous new product Detox: Yoga Mat Spray.

Created by an Organic Chemist & a Bikram yoga teacher, designed for lovers of yoga, Detox: Yoga Mat Spray is made with 100% certified organic lemon myrtle giving it a  light citrusy fragrance. The formula has been tested in hot yoga studios and proven to kill odour causing germs. If you want a fresh-smelling, cleaner mat simply spray it on your yoga mat before & after use. Then hang mat to dry. For best results start with a clean mat. Detox: Yoga Mat Spray can also be used to detox your shoes, wetsuits, sports gear, play-mats, toys, cars and much more. 

Click here to purchase this amazing new product!

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